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e-clincher: Run 100 effective social media campaigns at once


e-Clincher is the social media management platform that I’d been looking for for years.

You see, as part of my day job as a magazine publisher, I offer free social media promotions as part of my advertising packages. And while the social media aspect of my job could be a full-time position, I don’t have the time to run social media around the clock while doing all the other things I need to do to publish a magazine single-handedly.

What is E-Clincher?

e-Clincher is media management tool, offering features such publishing and scheduling posts, social inbox and CRM, content management and analytics reporting.

Its interface isn’t as slick as Hootsuite or as clean as Buffer (I still use both) but E-Clincher offered me the one thing that I was looking for – posting queues.

What I was looking for was the ability to set up a group of posts that would continually loop.

Main features

E-Clincher can be slightly overwhelming when you first take a look at it, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy figuring out what all the different buttons do.

In fact, there are parts of E-Clincher that I’ve still not fully explored.

Below is an example of the main dashboard that you’ll find within e-Clincher.

e-clincher dashboard

On the left, you’ll see your connected social media accounts. These include the biggies – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. You also have the added bonus of connecting your YouTube, Blogger, Google My Business and Google Analytic accounts to the dashboard.

Posting with e-Clincher

I use e-Clincher to post the bulk of my Facebook posts, Twitter posts and LinkedIn posts.

You can edit your images with the powerful image editor, or create your own image design with the Canva integration before posting.

e-Clincher pricing

First thing to mention here is that there is no free version of e-Clincher. They don’t mess around – you’re either mean business or not.

Give it a go here


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