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I use every day of my life.

And that’s no exaggeration. Gone are the days when I’d write everything I needed to do on a scrap of paper – or worse still, try and remember everything in my head. has helped transform the way I work for the better.

I started my love of all things organised with Trello, which introduced me to the world of boards and to-do lists. I’m a very visual person so I prefer to see lists, progress and outcomes as I go along.

Ever the one for trying out new apps, I soon switched from Trello to Asana, which seemed a step up in terms of features and managing my work. By the way, do you want to know a guilty secret? The very best thing about Asana was the rainbow unicorn that flew across your screen every time you ticked something off you list.

But then one day, I came across and after having a mooch around, I decided to give it a go. And here I am, several years later.

So why did it trump both Trello and Asana to become my go-to work management tool?

Put simply, it was more flexible to my needs. My main job is publishing my own magazines so whereas before, I’d create a crappy Word.doc to keep track of my sales, I can now create a board, full of to-do lists, which I can update as I go along.

Within this board, I can list each and every advertiser – and at a glance, find out what the status is with their artwork and invoice etc.

Within the same board, I also use to keep track of all my editorial features (I literally do everything for the magazines). In terms of planning, I can input my schedule, timelines and keep up-to-date records of my progress.

I’ll come on to the nitty-gritty of its features a little later on. But first, let’s dig into the basics of why Monday could be the tool for you.

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Who is for?

Monday is perfect for any sized team or organisation that wants to manage their projects, even remotely. Tasks can be delegated and then pass through members’ boards to work on. Once these tasks are completed, the member can update the board, letting everyone know in an instant as to the task’s progress.

Team communication is one huge benefit of Monday. Gone are the days where team members are all trying to log into the same spreadsheet to update it with no one knowing which one is the updated one. Team members can see updates in an instant and Monday also includes the ability to attach documents and files.

Even if you work alone, can help structure you work and I use it for all kinds of projects. I’m even using it to write a novel.

Main features of

The main bulk of our work will focus around your boards.

You can create a board for each project that you are working on. I create one for each magazine that I’m working on. I have also created a board for each day of the week, detailing my daily tasks.

Within these boards, you can add groups of items, which means that you break your project down into even more specific areas. I find this useful as my day consists of lots of smaller tasks that need completing.

Adding columns, you can include things like status, text, people, timeline, date, tags and numbers.

You can customise each status, so instead of ‘To do’, ‘Working on it’ and ‘Done’, you can change it to whatever you want.

I use it to keep track of my customers – whether they’ve been invoiced but not paid, paid, advert designed, advert sent for proofing, advert signed off etc. I also keep track of invoice amounts via the numbers column so that I can quickly tally up my bookings for each issue.

The great thing about Monday is that you can use these boards for almost any project that you can think of. I’m even using one board to structure a novel that I’m working on.

You can also add team members to your tasks, so that they can pick them up and work on them.

Monday’s columns are flexible and can be customised to your project

You can also take a snapshot of the project via the dashboard, which can give you an overview on any given project at any time.


Monday’s ability to integrate with other popular apps is a key feature that can help you stay in control of your workspace.

Monday’s premier packages do include storage space for you to attach files but you can integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive too. You can also access your Zoom meetings from within the dashboard.

Mobile app

One great thing about is that you can sync your phone to the app so that you’ve got access to it on the go.

The mobile app interface has improved since I first started using it and allows the team to communicate with its members. The boards are all there, the inbox is live and you can also get notifications from the app.

Monday’s mobile app now integrates seamlessly with its desktop counterpart


I’m not going to list the prices here as they’re liable to change and it’s possible that they’ll then be out of date but Monday does offer four packages – Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Pricing depends on what package you want to use and the number of users. You can also pay monthly or yearly, which does trigger a discount. You can also apply for discounts if you are a non-for-profit organisation.


  • Monday is great for creating the structures needed to manage a project, right the way down to the smallest of tasks. These all combine to give an overview
  • The ability to customise nearly all aspects of your boards will allow you to use it for almost any project you can think of.
  • Its interface is a joy to use. It’s clean, quick and you get the sense that you’re always in control of your project.
  • Monday is great for teamwork and its communication channels
  • Its premium features are well worth paying for


  • If there’s a dark-screen version, I’ve yet to find it. I often work early morning and late into the night and often I prefer to switch to night-time mode to save my eyes.
  • It’d be useful to have some sort of time tracker on the boards. I work in 45 minute blocks and use an external timer to keep track. An integral time tracking feature would help.


As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of alternatives to


There is a whole wealth of features that I haven’t gone into on here and it’ll be up to you to find them and discover what works best for your business. Monday are always developing new ones and adding more integrations. There is a news button within the app that provides you with regular updates which is great as it saves you having to scour your emails.

Hundreds of thousands of people belonging to over 90,000 teams in 146 countries use Monday to help them manage their work successfully.

You can give Monday a go for free. There’s a link below and please be aware that this is an affiliate link so I may get paid a small commission should you go on to purchase any of their products.


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