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Successful people are not too far from what the rest of us are

Successful people never stop learning

I once interviewed a man by the name of John Dawes. His name may not be familiar to you but here in Wales, his name is well-known.

In 1971, Dawes was appointed captain of the British and Irish Lions side for the rugby tour to New Zealand. This side became the first and so far the only Lions team to win a series in New Zealand.

Rugby is a big deal here in Wales. It’s also a big deal in New Zealand, which is why they’ve been the No.1 rugby team in the world for so many years.

John Dawes owed his success to continual learning from other players – often opposition players

One of the things that John was keen to point out that he owed his success to the continual learning from others.

He spoke about playing the best players in the world, the best teams in the world – and how he didn’t waste the opportunity to learn from them.

I learnt a lot from the players I played against. I got to play against the best players and teams in the world. You’d be foolish not to learn from another team

john dawes OBE,

Therein lies one behaviour always strive for – continual learning. The moment you think that you know it all is when it comes back to bite you on the backside. As Michelangelo, the famous painter and sculptor once said:

‘I’m still learning.’

You can read my interview with John Dawes here.

Successful people don’t panic when the unexpected happen

“It’s a 1202 … What is that? Give us a reading on the 1202 program alarm.”

It’s 20th July 1969, and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are 50,000ft above the Moon’s surface. For the first time in history, humans are attempting to land on the Moon.

Armstrong starts dramatically dropping the lunar module down to the surface. They have just over ten minutes to land the craft before it runs out of fuel.

They are just minutes away from landing when an alarm sounds.

It’s a 1202 alarm.

“1202. What’s that?” asks Armstrong.

Despite years of training for this exact moment, a 1202 alarm is something he’s never been told about. He doesn’t know what’s wrong and he doesn’t have a procedure to deal with it. Down at Mission Control, there are blank looks all around too.

The event could have scuppered the Moon Landing. Worse still, it could have put the lives of the astronauts at risk.

Despite having to make last minute adjustments to the location of the landing, Armstrong managed to land the module with just 30 seconds of fuel left. If you listen to the audio, you can hear the fuel being called out as they come into land.

You can also hear how cool Neil Armstrong stayed under extreme pressure because of the unexpected.

He didn’t panic. His training served him well.

Mindfulness is a great way of becoming aware of your behaviour and therefore allows you to control it before it works against you.

Apps like Calm (free but with premium features available) is an effective tool that allows you to

Successful people keep notes

Whilst the human brain is a marvel of biology, it can only hold a

Successful people keep going

they keep going

Successful people look after themselves

One aspect that freelancers and self-employed people particularly suffer from is guilt. Guilt at taking a day off, guilt at sitting down to watch TV or even guilt for taking time out to eat.

Self-care isn’t being selfish.

I’ll repeat that as it’s so important.

Self-care isn’t being selfish.

Successful people start their day early

Sarah gets up at 4.30am

dedicated to my goals. It sucked at first but now habit.

Successful people plan their days

You can work out how to plan your day here

I use Monday to plan my life – right down to each day. You can read my review about it here.

Successful people know they can’t win everything

They can’t

Successful people set realistic goals

and work towards them

Successful people don’t moan about their situation in life

Tey just


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