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How Tailwind saves me 4 valuable hours every week

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Come close. Shh. I’ve got a secret to share with you. It’s called Tailwind.

Wait! What are you talking about?

It’s an online marketing tool called Tailwind. And it saves me 4 hours every week.

4 hours? How have you come to this specific calculation?

Because I used to spend five hours every Saturday morning scheduling my Instagram posts for the week ahead. Now I’m done in within an hour.

Wow. That sounds impressive. Is that all it does though?

No. If you’re looking to up your Instagram AND you Pinterest game, it’s worth you making yourself a coffee and taking a few minutes to read through this feature.

Ok. I’ll get the kettle on.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an online marketing tool that allows you to manage both your Instagram and Pinterest accounts in one place. It can help you schedule content automatically (at the optimum times) AND help grow your following through its unique Tribe feature on Pinterest (due to be renamed following the recent Black Lives Matter movement).

Let’s start by explaining how it’s helped me shall we?

My day job (magazine publishing) takes up most of my day. This leaves me very little time in the evenings and at weekends to work on my blogs. This includes creating content, building an audience and scheduling posts.

There’s nothing I can do about content creation. Creating great content takes time and can’t be rushed.

Connecting and building my audience also takes time. Meaningful conversations demand a decent amount of time.

Which leaves very little time for scheduling my posts.

That’s where Tailwind saves my ass.

I’m a relative newcomer to Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve always stuck to the traditional furrows of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But a few years ago, I set up an online shop that sold T-shirts, mugs and that sort of thing. And I’ve had success on Facebook and some limited success on Twitter and less so on LinkedIn.

So I needed to look elsewhere. My audience were perhaps on other platforms. More visual platforms. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

The problem was that the social media management tools that I was using (and still use for other platforms) didn’t quite cut it when it came to scheduling things.

And then I happened upon Tailwind.

Now I’m a very visual kind of person. I like to see the week ahead of me. I like to see what’s ahead. I don’t like scheduling a post and not seeing it again until it pops up a few days later, in front of thousands of people.

And the more I used Tailwind, the more I realised that my social media scheduling for Instagram and Pinterest was becoming quicker. It was getting me more likes and follows. And most of all, it was becoming fun.

So here is my take on Tailwind; on how it’s helped me and how it could potentially help you.

Disclosure: Please be aware that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission should you end up purchasing one of their services or products. I only recommend services and products that I have used and/or continue to use myself. If you do use one of my affiliate links, the company reimburses me for recommending them. This helps keep the content of my blog free to read.

Tailwind for Instagram

Scheduling is really quick and easy with Tailwind. In fact, it’s my favourite scheduling tool because it’s so visual. The app also makes life easier for you with the little tricks it has up its sleeve.

tailwind dashboard
The main scheduling dashboard on Tailwind for Instagram

You can upload images either singularly or in bulk. Then it’s case of creating your wording for your post. But this is where the real beauty of Tailwind comes into play. Tailwind suggests the best hashtags for your post – all you need to do is click and add it to your post.

One of the frustrating things about Instagram is its lack of clickable links but Tailwind’s got that covered via its Smart Bio, which allows you to actually add a clickable link to the image.

Here’s how it works:

tailwind posting dash

You upload your image where you can then write your caption. Tailwind will then suggest hashtags for you and you can simply click on them to add them to your caption. There’s a box you can check if you’d like to add your hashtags to the first comment, which often comes in useful because people want to click on the post to read what the ‘1 comment’ says.

Underneath that, you can add your clickable link and if you want to, you can add Add CTA (Call To Action), which can be customised. What this does is help direct your audience to your Smart Bio, which is a link in your bio that showcases all your posts. Click on the image and you’re taken directly to your link, whether it be your blog or whatever you want! A brilliant workaround!

Once you save your post, it’s automatically added to your Grid, which is your visual schedule. You can easily set this up to post at specific times or you can let Tailwind work out when your audience are most likely to be online and schedule a post then.

Once your post is in the Grid, you can easily drag and drop them to reorder them. In fact, Tailwind has an option to shuffle all your posts so if you’ve found that you’ve uploaded a certain type of post in one go, you can add others and shuffle them at the end.

Once the posts have been published, Tailwind keeps a copy of them so that you can simply click on them and pop them back into the Drafts box, ready for you to use again.

Tailwind also gives you some feedback on how the posts went in terms of likes and comments, giving you the chance to see which ones have done well and which evergreen ones you can recycle for posting another time.

If you work as part of a team, you can invite collaborators to work with you.

One of the great things that Tailwind does is help guide you through some of the processes. There are plenty of instructional videos and webinars to help you.

The app is pretty intuitive though and I’ve seen my Instagram numbers rise dramatically. I wish I’d kept tabs on the actual stats from the very beginning but the good news is that I’m now trialing Tailwind for one of my Pinterest accounts so it’ll be useful to see how that goes.

Instagram Insights with Tailwind

I’m nowhere near the kind of figures that a few of my peers are (my interview with Obscenity Cards can be found here).

But that doesn’t stop me from learning about how my posts are actually doing. It’s always useful to keep tabs on new follower figures engagement rates, allowing you to find out what’s working and what’s not.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Tailwind for Pinterest

This is something I am currently starting out with so I’ll get back to you with the results.


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