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8 careers you can start from home right now

careers you can start from home

The recent lockdown has made people think twice about how they can earn a living and careers you can start from home. Here are some ways that you can create a new and sustainable income stream from your home

Careers you can start from home – why now?

The world economy has become hugely unpredictable following the coronavirus outbreak.

Jobs and financial security has become a real worry for many people, even those who thought that they were safe in long time employment.

Setting up a side business at home could be one way to create an extra income stream and a possible safety net should the worst happen with your employment.
Set aside a small amount of time each day to work on your side business and over the weeks and months, it could grow into something larger and profitable.

While there’s a whole world of opportunity to make money from home, it’s worth doing some research beforehand to find out what skills and experience you can offer. If you’re looking for careers you can start from home, here are 8 that you can get to work on within weeks.

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Online coaching

The coronavirus lockdown changed the way that we interact with each other forever. Working remotely became much more the norm – but so too did online learning.

It’s highly likely that you have certain skills, talent or experience that people will pay to hear about. Think back over your employment history. Is there a specific area that you could say that you have good experience in? There are people out in the world who don’t have that experience – and need to hear from someone that does!

You don’t need large audiences either to make money from teaching online either. In fact, the more specific the niche, the more you’ll find it easier to find your audience and to sell to them.

You can either create video courses to sell via platforms like Thinkific or Teachable, or you can offer training over video calls, either to individuals or to groups of people at a time.

Start a blog

A blog is a bit like a website, except it often has a more informal style and is usually written by individuals or small groups.

careers you can start from home
A blog can take on many different shapes and sizes but can bring in a second income

A blog can range from any topic such as beauty or makeup, through to sport of film. Whatever your subject matter, there are ways of monetising a blog, whether it’s through online advertising, selling digital downloads such as e-magazines, or even charging subscription fees.

There are some very good examples of people starting out with a very simple blog idea, and seeing it develop into a money-making brand. Blogging is one of those careers you can start from home for next to nothing but the potential to make money is almost unlimited.

Virtual home assistant

Life is very hectic for many of us and organisation can often be overlooked as we struggle to keep up with the pace.

If you have good organisational skills, why not put them to good use to help others? A virtual assistant could be the answer – someone to do the online shopping, organise diaries and events, taking care of household budgets – the list of services you could offer to do from the comfort of your own home is pretty exhaustive!

Whether you want to charge per service, or a simple monthly retainer fee, positioning yourself as a virtual home assistant could see you building a new career from scratch and for the most part, you don’t even have to leave home.

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Dog walking

Dogs always need walking and helping out your local canines and their owners is another way to make some money.

Do you research and get experience under your belt with family and friends first

Do your research first though – if you can get yourself certified as a dog trainer, it will be of benefit to the dogs, their owners, and the ability to sell your services. Perhaps start by walking your family or friends’ dogs to get experience under your belt.

Online shop

There is plenty of money to be made from online shops – and the best part about it is that it won’t cost you much to get going.

There are several ways of running an online shop. First, there is the traditional way of selling physical goods, whatever they may be. You’ll need to hold stock, manage inventories and take into account shipping costs.

You can set up an online shop for free and without any physical goods to stock

You can also make money by selling goods that you don’t need to physically store. Websites such as RedBubble and CottonCart allow you to sell your designs on T-shirts, mugs, and all kinds of merchandise. They also take care of delivery and you get a small commission for each item sold.

You can also look to open your own shop on websites such as Etsy or even eBay, which is a good place to sell bits and bobs that are hanging around the house and are no longer needed.


Many small businesses often overlook the important task of keeping their accounts up to date. It’s always advisable to have some kind of qualification in this field (you can get this online too) and if you are just starting out, it’s worth helping people you know so that you can get to know the processes involved.

Bookkeeping is becoming increasingly digitalised, which means that you can often work remotely using specialised software. Working within a specific niche also means that you’ll find clients easier.

Become a translator

Your second (or third or fourth!) language could be translated into money in your pocket by becoming a translator. If you already speak a language, this really is one of those careers you can start from home without having to do too much extra training.

There are always people and businesses looking to get their work translated. It’s worth checking to see what kind of qualifications you think you might need but you can complete these alongside small pieces of work to get you going.

It’s always a good idea to focus on one industry-specific area of translation so that you can become a go-to expert in your field.

Stock photography

If you’re the sort of person that loves taking photos, you can always look to make money from them by selling them on stock photography websites.

Selling your photography can be a great passive income

Every time your photo is licensed, you get a royalty paid. Check out websites like Unsplash, iStockPhoto and Shutterstock to see what sort of quality they are looking for, and also to see what kind of photos are doing well. A great way to build a passive income.


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